The band

In 2010 a the Junior Prima award – violinist Mihály Rosonczy-Kovács  formed Hungarian FolkEmbassy with the goal of presenting unarranged authentic-style Hungarian folk music in Hungary and abroad. Their mottos are: “Believe in the authentic” and Zoltán Kodály’s thought: “He who does not belong to a nation cannot belong to humanity”. Under this sign and Márta Sebestyén’s patronage, they host dance houses entitled  ’Home in the Heights’ through the free university. Their series of round table discussions and lectures seeks to provide an informal platform for cultural meeting between representatives of the dance house movement and members of the intelligentsia from Hungary and beyond.  With the free university they have a culture blog and online group singing and dance courses.

FolkEmbassy make it their own special mission – hence their choice of name – to search out musical contacts that will strengthen Hungary’s cultural diplomatic connections through music, while also presenting the organic cultural unit created by Central European peoples. They feel that it is important to demonstrate to an ever-widening international audience how the various periods of European heritage live on in Hungarian folk music and folk dance. They travel the world with this goal. In the past years they have performed at the opening of the Milan Expo, toured in Poland, Estonia, Pakistan and most lately in Taiwan. Their Náisz-Köszönjük concerts, together with Ovidiu Barteş a Romanian violinist from Cluj-Napoca, present the role of Gypsies in Hungarian culture through the language of music.

They released three albums, so far. The latter: 2020; Báthory-Balassi-Bem-Balatonboglár – with folk music about Polish-Hungarian friendship