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Felsütött a nap az égre  (The Sun is Higher in the Sky) – folk music karaoke DVD

FelsütöttThe double DVD includes more than 7 hours folk music from the Carpathian Basin and Central Europe.

Publisher: Gryllus Kiadó, 2016.

Co-publisher: Hagyományok Háza(House of Traditions) , Nemzetstratégiai Kutatóintézet

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Belive in the Authentic DEMO CD

The Hungarian FolkEmbassy seeks to portray the different cultures or the nations of Central Europe, which are so hard to understand separately. These cultures are so tightly united that they from – even today – perfect union. The group is dedicated to representing not only Hungary, but the identity of the wider Carpathian Basin and Central Europe through authentic Hungarian  folk music, which has been both an important part of and contributor to the diversity of European culture over the past millennium.


1. ‘The way through the wood is made’ – Hungarian Folk Music (Transylvania, Mezőség)

2. Romanian tunes from Transylvania – Based on music of Thibi Géza and Ovidiu Bartheş

3. ‘I wanted to pluck off a white rose’ – Hungarian Folk Music ( Transdanubium, Somogy)

4. ‘I sat on the hors of world-wide’ – Down song (Transylvania, Kalotaszeg)

5. General Bem recruits in Szatmár – Hungarian Folk Music (Hungarian Great Plain, Szatmár)

Guest Singers: Bognár Szilvia (4.) , Sebestyén Márta (3.) , Hetényi Milán



Felsütött a nap az égre (The Sun is Higher in the Sky)

Felsütött könyvMihály Rosonczy-Kovács collected and edited the book Felsütött a nap az égre (The Sun is Higher in the Sky) a collection of Hungarian folk songs.

Publisher: Hagyományok Háza (House of Traditions)

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FolkEmbassy is working on their next album, titled: Bem-Báthory-Balatonboglár; folk music in the wake of the Polish-Hungarian friendship.

It is expected to be completed in the spring of 2017, published by Fonó with a presentation in the spring of 2017.