Külföldi visszajelzések az ARAZ-ban futó magyar tradíció estről

admin | 2014 június 10 16:16

Nagy örömünkre szolgál, hogy az ARAZ étteremben futó magyar tradíció estről és a Continental Hotel Budapestről is egyre több külföldi vendég elégedett véleményét olvashatjuk az interneten.

“Lastly, I would thoroughly recommend the HUNGARIAN buffet night. It was absolutely lovely, we had musicians playing traditional songs and dancers too. The food was fabulous, lots of it, and it was nice to try a few different things which we may not have if we went to a restaurant. Brilliant night and worth every penny! BEWARE THE PALINKA! It will blow your socks off! LOL.
Thanks very much to you at the Hotel Continental, I will (and have already!) recommend you to my friends as an excellent place to stay. Best location and BEST hotel in PEST! Will see you again!”